Sunday, April 28, 2024

On the Prowl With Brief M-End April 2024 #RandomThoughts: #FreeToomaj & A Tribute to Women


April is coming to a close--as the War against women in Iran rages on and on by the Thugs, thieves, and murderers who have held Iran hostage for over 40 years.   As I am finishing these thoughts and supporting the ongoing work of the Daily Outsider, I caught reports that 160 of the so-called Majlis (Parliament) deputies issued a statement heaping praise on the thugs (who are supposed to protect the public as Police Officers) for enforcing the so-called hijab (veil) rule.   Shame is something they have nothing of--I guess.   

This is as there is a continued Worldwide Movement to free the courageous Iranian Rapper, Toomaj, who has been sentenced to death.   As I finish these month-end brief #RandomThoughts, I bow in respect to the women of Iran (and appreciative of the Farhang Foundation for having sponsored a performance recently, which I released earlier to honor all women)  who have continued to endure this brutality as I know that Iran will rise, yet again, like the Phoenix as I join as a simple ordinary face to simply say:  

Onward & Upward!!!

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