Friday, September 4, 2020

Out & About with Brief #RandomThoughts On the Eve of Labor Day W-End


While out & about on the Grid, I ran across a clip from the Iranian Actress Shohreh Aghdashloo.  She was part of an all-star cast that starred in the Film Rosewater that depicted the horrific story of Maziar Bahari, an Iranian Journalist who was arrested and tortured by the Iranian Regime.   Ms. Aghdashloo was so right when she noted how what happened to Maziar is ever so relevant right now as the Iranian Lawyer and Civil Rights Campaigner Nasrin Soutodeh continues her hunger strike.  When on Twitter, I made it a point of thanking the President for lending his twitter voice in support of Navid Afkhari, The Iranian Champion Wrestler sentenced to death--the Social Media Campaign for his reprieve has been trending when I last checked it and I was proud to be a contributor.

It was also quite a disturbing night as I saw reporting by the Atlantic of disparaging remarks by President Trump in regards to the fallen--denied by the President and his staff as this made the Twitter Rounds: 

This is as I saw Dr. Atlas, the new advisor to Donald Trump peddling horrific ideas on COVID-19 and he has the President's ear when he saw him on Fox News .

As I close out these #RandomThoughts, the two things below resonated:  Tweet Less. Listen More.

VOTE sign

Please #StaySafe and Don't forget to #WearAMaskSaveALife    I wish all in the United States a Happy Labor Day Week-End. 

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