Monday, January 27, 2020


Tehran, Iran (01/26/2020) 
It has been quite a challenging week, yet again--Public Health Pandemic in China, Floods in Iran, deaths in Iraq and the broader Middle East.     I captured a scene from Tehran which I decided to headline my weekly #RandomThoughts with to think about the beauty of it all in spite of all the challenges as it was not easy to be witness to it all.   I helped with a Notation for the Daily Outsider which will be available tomorrow in the Perspectives Platform.


In Spite of all the tragedy of the past week, I decided to begin the week on a bit of a high note as I was witness to the celebrations of TET at Mile Square Park--The vibrancy of the Vietnamese Community was especially fabulous to be witness to it.   I produced a Visual Essay  of a day in the Community to sustain a sense of hope and optimism: 

Onward to the New Week....

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