Monday, January 20, 2020

Out & About re #RandomThoughts On this #MLKDay2020

It is #MLKDay2020.  As I have been on a weekend of reflection and engagement, I decided to headline it with this I captured from Dr. King about not being afraid.    I also wanted to share some #RandomThoughts about grace, class and dignity (exemplified by what Justin Trudeau and Canada has done remembering the fallen angels of Ukraine Flight P572): 

I was heartbroken when I saw this from the Son of Narges Mohammadi speaking up for the plight of his Mother who was assaulted in Prison in Iran: 

As I was thinking about the plight of the prisoners and all Iranians, I caught this as a Mother reported to Prison for a year --and all her crime was to seek Justice for Her Son: 

I took comfort in this about righteousness, though: 

As I reflect upon this thought, I close out with this thought:

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