Tuesday, December 8, 2020

While Out & About This Week : Some Brief #RandomThoughts


Over the last few days, I released two  Farsi pieces primarily geared towards the Iranian Diaspora as it has been a challenging 24 hours in Iran with the impending execution of a Swedish-Iranian Doctor and the floods that have devastated Southern Iran.   Meanwhile, here in the United States, we have been once again witness to the latest stunts by President Trump and his supporters which continued with a rejection of a simple resolution on inauguration by the key Congressional Republican Leaders.     I

It has also been a busy few days as I helped curate updates for the Perspectives Property for the Daily Outsider .  I also saw that the Trump Legal Team has signaled it will continue its' fight in spite of its' two key Attorneys, Jenna Ellis & Rudy Giuliani, have tested positive for COVID-19.

I'm gearing up for a year-end #RandomThoughts column that'll be released next week--but I wanted this for this week to be a bit more on the hopeful side as the UK begin administering the Pfizer Vaccine and then of course we have the upcoming Global Citizen Prize Program coming up on December 19 which I look forward to.    

The need to keep the faith is ever so important now.....

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