Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Out & About With Thoughts.....

It has been quite a week in our World.     I decided to take a bit of a "light" but upbeat stance for this week as I chose two Flash Mob Videos from Beirut and Amman: 

This second one from Jordan about Palestine was truly inspiring and beautiful to listen to at the Galleria Mall Jordan.      As I listened to these two, it reminded me of the Words of Francois Hollande as he paid tribute to the fallen of the Paris Bombings when he noted how we must sing more and louder ever more.    How timely it is as we will sing more and dance more to be a continued thorn in the side of all who will deny us all the right to be happy and to live.   I released the first clip to my Facebook Wall and it may have cost me a Facebook Friend--Oh well!!!  But this is the true face of the Middle East not withstanding attempts by some of the lowlifes in Iran especially to stymmie people's happiness with recent arrests. 

As I was finishing off my thoughts and "book-ending" some late curation work on Twitter, I ran across this On Leadership:  

I retweeted this--if only our current leaders at the National Level understood this. 

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