Saturday, June 2, 2018

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“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.” -Amelia Earhart  

A new month has officially arrived.     I captured this image from the team at the Mission that underscores how we should always have a little fun no matter what the circumstances are.     

It has been quite a month on a multitude of fronts as exemplified by what  the Daily Outsider Team Worked on throughout the Month of May.    It was a bit irritating dealing with a challenge with the Twitter Handle over the past few weeks but it is now back up.   I myself was on a multitude of community projects including A solemn Memorial Day Ceremony at City of the Laguna Niguel that honored veterans in attendance and all who had given their life for America.     T his was as I was also witness to selfless acts throughout the month exemplified by the work being done about an upcoming car wash in support of the Units Laguna Niguel has adopted.

One thing that this past month truly brought home was a need to  embrace the possibilities no matter what the circumstances are.   As I was reflecting upon the month, there was one that truly hit home.    One of the clients at my City's Catholic Parish Pantry--where I serve on the staff in support--shared with me how she did recycling.   What was amazing about it all was how she did and then gave all the proceeds to her Church.      This was simple deceny in action which was something the Atlantic's David Frum noted especially in light of controversies over Samantha Bee's very very unfortunate comments about Ivanka Trump.     

Beyond the shores of America, there is Iran--a special focus of mine with my responsibilities at the Daily Outsider.    I can't help but bow in large respect at the Truck Drivers, the teachers, the taxi drivers and all who have continued to be persistent in their protests against the regime as Economic Calamity continues to befall the Country on a multitude of fronts as the Regime tries to show an aura of normalcy.

It is not an easy task to remain hopeful.    There is no choice--and in it is where the probable can be possible--The tenancity of the dogs also reminds us of it all!!!  I close out this weekly with this that truly blew me away about how selfless souls can make a difference as they can:

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