Thursday, June 21, 2018

Out & About w/Thoughts On the Eve of the Week-End

@ The ACC-OC Continuum of Care Tour 2018 

@ The Laguna Niguel Military Support Committee Car Wash 

Two Team Members of the USS Stocksdale On Duty!! :) 

The last three weeks have been challenging to be witness to.   I was witness to how the Community comes together as the Laguna Niguel Military Support Committee sponsored a car wash in support of the USS Stocksdale that raised an estimated 3,000 Dollars.   I also was witness to Democracy this week as the Community came out in force to advocate for their cause--although the Laguna Niguel City Council voted against the recommendation of the Traffic Commission where I serve on.   I also had the opportunity to join the second annual ACC-OC Continuum of Care Tour where I was witness t how the Community continues to do whatever it can to eradicate the cancer of homelessness in Orange County.    This was also as I got myself a preview of  Graduation as I joined Aliso Niguel's Graduation Ceremonies as my Son was named to the Junior Class Court of Honor--a proud moment!!

My sense of hope and optimism is always sustained when I am witness to selfless souls making a difference--although what was happening On the Border with Mexico and the passage of the Farm Bill really floored me--as President Trump was on a tirade blaming Democrats as his Administration began to take steps to modify the governing case on child detainees after misleading the Public over the past few weeks.     I helped finish off a column for the Daily Outsider on it.     

Beyond the shores of the US, there is also Iran--a focus of mine.     Iran's National Team played Spain--and I caught glimpses of it.   Although Iran Lost--the guys should hold their head up high!!  I made it a point of expressing my appreciation On Twitter as this captured it all: 

This Iranian Actor & Director Wrote that despite not having hardly any games to prepare, sponsors having cancelled (including the despicable move by Nike), the valiant and brave moves by the players would forever be remembered.    Another milestone was also achieved:  Women were able to watch the game at Tehran's Main Stadium which was another major milestone.     

Despite this glimmer, there was another travesty that occurred which was the arrest of this woman on the eve of her presenting evidence of her Client's innocence:  

I understood from catching Iran Farda earlier today that she was due to present the evidence in an interview with the founder and Managing Director for the Network, Dr. Alireza Nourizadeh and was detained.    I'll be on the lookout to see about her disclosures that I'm hopeful it will be forthcoming. 
It has been quite a week--but I retain a sense of hope.   There is no choice--is there? 

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