Friday, May 11, 2018

Thank you @SteveSchmidtSES

As I had the pleasure to be supportive of the Work of the Daily Outsider throughout the week, I can't think of a way to "book end" my week before being "dark" for the weekend with this from Steve Schmidt.

Steve Schmidt managed the 2008 Presidential Campaign from  Senator McCain.   These are some of the most powerful 4 minutes in praise of Senator McCain and I bow in respect to Mr. Schmidt for this eloquent tribute to Senator McCain which epitomizes what I view Senator McCain to be.    
I made it a point of responding to Mrs. McCain in the aftermath of the vile comments by the White House Aide and a Fox Pundit:

As I was finishing these thoughts and wanted to confirm Mr. Schmidt's Twitter Handle, I saw this (and couldn't agree more as to how General Kelly could tolerate this):

I will note that I have had disagreements with his views over the years.  But that's the beauty of democracy.    His commitment to America is unshakable and his legacy will endure long after Donald Trump along with his vile and despicable Vice President, Mike Pence and his entire Administration are relegated to the dustbin of History.      

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