Monday, May 14, 2018

Out & About w/Brief Thoughts as a New Week is At hand....

A new week is at hand as I write this.   It has already been quite a forthnight as I have been helping to tweet on the #GazaReturnMarch and how as I am finishing off these thoughts, some 16 people have been killed--and over 700 people have been wounded.    Al Jazeera has been covering this live which is available in The Daily Outsider Main Property in the Live Broadcast Pod.   This is as  the US Embassy will officially be opened as Palestinians throughout Israel and Gaza will continue their protests as a build up to Nakbha Day.   It is just so overwhelming to be witness to it as Gaza continues to be blocked by Israel to fish and as the two only entrants from Egypt and Israel continue to be closed.

As I was curating work and continuing to build out my repository of thoughts,  I ran across this as I wanted to share this on a positive note:

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