Monday, March 13, 2017

Random Thoughts: On the Eve of Spring & No Ruz (A a New Day)

It was another rather challenging weekend around our World.    I could not help but simply laugh as the President of Turkey went after the Netherlands after the Netherlands barred the Turkish Foreign Minister from holding a political rally in Rotterdam--although the Dutch had offered to have an event done at the Turkish Consulate--which is sovereign Turkish Territory.    What The Turkish Foreign Minister wanted to do was against Dutch Law--but that was forgotten by the Turkish President.    Erdogan has been continuing his broadsides as he accused the German Chancellor of hiding terrorists after he and his ministers called the Dutch Fascists.  He seems not to understand that he is playing straight into the hands of the Dutch Racist who's in a neck and neck race as the Dutch go to the polls.   

I note this because Erdogan has been on a rampage in the aftermath of the coup against him last year.   This rampage has included the mass firings of Academics and the jailing of Journalists.  I have added my voice to a number of such cases over the last number of months.   I could not help but be proud when I saw reporting about how the fired Academics held "Street Academies" on the street of the Capital, Ankara.      The fascinating chaos in the aftermath of Brexit in the UK is quite a scene especially as Scotland contemplates its' future, Sinn Fein has gained which underscores the very existence of the United Kingdom and as Brexit is due to be triggered by the British Prime Minister.        

As I go "dark" here in my "Virtual Corner" thru Next Week, I wanted to begin the new Week with two very interesting 'tidbits" I ran across to underscore how the need to be hopeful is ever so critical in our ever-changing world: 

  •  This clip I picked up on TED reminded me--somehow--of me!!   On a more serious note, the message of being open-minded and flexible in this ever-changing world exemplified by what has been happening in the United States, Europe and Korea: 

  • This is a beauty from Bob Dylan:  

Despite the challenging nature of our World (including the Famine Warning issued by the United Nations over the weekend with potentially 20 Million People dying including 7 Million Yemenis), the need to stay hopeful and upbeat is even more important now especially as nature reminds us of it as Spring is indeed in the Air.    

Please enjoy this snapshot on Nowruz:

It is also the Festival of Holi that Hindus Celebrate as Spring looms.   The images from India was just beautiful to be witness to.   Here are some scenes courtesy of Al Jazeera:

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