Wednesday, December 23, 2015

As We Bid Farewell to 2015: Brief Reflections on Our Community

Celebrations are already beginning.    Saddleback Church has Christmas Mass scheduled throughout all its' Orange County Campuses.    St. Timothy's Catholic Parish has Six Services On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and other faith communities will do so as well.

It has also been quite a year of change and transformation in South Orange County.    We have been quite amazed at the resiliency and the community spirit in action in our Home Community, Laguna Niguel.   It was ever so evident during the Holiday Celebration a few weeks ago and as we gear up for what is expected to be a vibrant 2016.    It was also good news for our City as the old Haagen Store on Crown Valley was going to be taken over by Smart & Final.    One of a number of initiatives we look forward to commenting on is the Laguna Niguel Community Pedestrian Education Outreach program along with on-going reporting on the latest from our wonderful schools.  We will also continue to assess the state of Wi-Fi Access as Google Fiber will be coming to Orange County and the latest out of Mission Viejo with selling interent access. 

We look forward to the opportunity to serve as we wish all a wonderful Holiday as we leave you all with this from our +Jonathan Huie archives:

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