Friday, August 21, 2015

Around Town in South County: Gearing up For "Godzilla El Nino"

Godzilla El Nino is now before us.     One of our Community Contacts forwarded this which we wanted to report on.     The need to be prepared is ever so critical:

 Our extreme drought may be followed by a historic rainy season this year.  1997  was our last big El Nino year.  Looking at that year, major rainfall started in October; if that happens again, we should be alerting our associations and helping them get prepared for heavy rains.  Roofing, downspouts, surface/deck drains, storm water drains, Slope Erosion, tree maintenance, sand and sand bags, etc.
Here are some links describing and forecasting the upcoming El Nino.  I also spoke with Alex Tardy of the National Weather Service about reading the indicator models that are being published.  The models I reviewed from NASA, NOAA, JPL, and NWS are showing the potential of 40% - 80% increased El Nino intensity as compared to 1997/1998.  NASA is using the term:  GODZILLA EL NINO 

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