Monday, August 3, 2015

Around Town in South County: Brief Newsflashes for the Week

It has been a very interesting weekend in South Orange County.  The Koch Brothers' hosted a summit in Dana Point at the St. Regis where some of the leading Presidential Candidates were invited to make their pitch as the battle continues.    We have been working on a "Notations" edition which we hope to publish as the first formal debate draws near.

Beyond the "Koch Summit 2015",  there are other profound developments to report.   The +Orange County Register reported in its' Sunday Edition on Orange County seeing a 5 Percent increase in homeless based on reporting done by the Commisointo End Homelessness.     We will work to have further commentary on it over the ensuing weeks and months as we assess the report and potential game plan.   A Judge also jsut tossed out a suit regarding cooper pipe leaks which has been a problem in South County for a number of years--we will be on the prowl for it as well.

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