Thursday, December 4, 2014

On the Latest in South County: Brief Thoughts & A "View of the Week"

Rain came to South Orange County.  Although the rain did not make a profound difference, it was still welcome.  Unfortunately it was also a detriment to the residents of Silverado Canyon and other areas who had suffered burns over the past year.   Based on reports received, it appears that Riverside County was hit the worst.

This past Tuesday saw the  +City of Laguna Niguel achieve a milestone:  25 years as a City.   We will be releasing a column on this milestone soon.   It was also of note as we reviewed reports of challenges at Orange County's Flagship Paper, +Orange County Register.  It  announced job cuts.   The +Orange County Register has been struggling as the strategy it envisioned seemed not to have worked.     We here @ Outsiders wish the Register all the best as it continues its' efforts to stabilize its' business.    

We are reminded of this admonition as our work at #Outsiders continues:

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