Thursday, December 11, 2014

On the Impending Storm in South Orange County: Guidance From Laguna Niguel's CERT Team Leader

There is a major storm coming at Orange County starting later on today.    The Laguna Niguel CERT team leader has shared the following guidance with the CERT Team which we wanted to report on here:

Good Morning Team Members!
There is a big storm heading our way, so please make sure to bring in (or secure) anything outside that could fly away and do damage.  That includes those holiday decorations, like the inflatable Santa on your lawn.
If you have a storm drain near your property, make sure there isn't anything blocking it (leaves, debris, trash), so the water can flow without any obstructions. 

The roads will be bad late tonight, and tomorrow.  Take your time, slow down, give that car a little extra space, and make sure your windshield wipers are good to go.  And don't drive (or walk) through standing water, you don't know how deep it is!

Finally, if you need sandbags (or have neighbors/friends/family who need them):
(Laguna Niguel residents: Station 49  31461 Golden Lantern)

Be safe out there, team members!

Please be safe out there over the ensuing days.

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