Thursday, July 3, 2014

Around Town in South County: Personal Thoughts on the Eve of July 4

On the eve of the July 4 Weekend,  I wanted to begin this with a tribute to a wonderful organization:  Welcome Inn.   Welcome Inn is a interfaith network of faith organizations throughout South Orange County that for over 20 years has served the homeless in South Orange County by serving them an evening dinner.    They are on the Web @

I had a chance to join them yesterday to support their efforts.   Unfortunately, they were given visits by local law enforcement because they did not want them to be "visible" as a new Farmers Market was launched near and the sight of the homeless was a challenge.    The suffering of the people was ever so evident--even though they were so thankful for the meal they received that was prepared with such beauty and precision by the team at St. Timothy's Catholic Parish.    I did my utmost to elevate a sense of dignity as best as I could as I called one of these unfortunate souls "Sir".  He asked me not to call him Sir which especially struck me.    All deserve a sense of dignity and self-respect and the Grand Canyon that seems to exist is ever so.

I also have the privilege to serve on the staff at St. Timothy's Food Pantry.  Earlier that day,   I had a chance to chat with one of our clients.    He shared the fact that he was homeless and was living in his car.    He had initially asked me about getting directions to a facility in Laguna Beach to take a shower.   I asked him whether he was successful--he said he was.  I asked why he went all the way to Laguna Beach and not to the YMCA.  He said the wait at Mission Viejo YMCA took too long and I suggested that he visits the Crown Valley YMCA--I hope he does.

Tomorrow is also another milestone as my local City, Laguna Niguel, celebrates 4th of July with the Annual "Run in the Park" and a subsequent Pancake Breakfast sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.  I look forward to joining the celebrations as I will be helping to staff this event.    

A lot to be thankful we remember all who are less fortunate .  

Happy 4th of July to all!!!

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