Sunday, July 6, 2014

Around Town in Laguna Niguel: Brief Reflections On the 2014 37th Run in the Park

July 4 2014 is now history.   Throughout the United States, families got together for barbeque, fireworks lit up the sky as families got a chance to catch up and relax.    Politico featured a "slice of history" as it remembered how  Presidents of the United States celebrated the 4th of July.   South Orange County was no exception to this rule.

For me, the day began at approximately 6:30 AM when I reported to the Crown Valley YMCA for duty on what was a cloudy day.  The YMCA was abuzz with volunteers and runners as all checked in and geared up for the 37th Run in the Park.   .   Along with a number of other volunteers, we were assigned to the Water Duty Station and set out to join the station.

The race began at 7:30 AM and the 5K/10K runners came running down.   A number of leading luminaries of the City including members of the Council and other civic leaders ran--and some were quite intense.    The runners were done by around 10:00 AM--at which time we all converged upon the Soccer Fields of Crown Valley Park to join the Chamber of Commerce Pancake Breakfast and be privy to local businesses showcasing their services.  It could not get better than this:   One had an opportunity to serve, get a nice breakfast, get a nice massage and also got a chance to see a Community coming together.

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