Sunday, March 23, 2014

Briefly re: On the Prowl Around South County This Week

The vibrancy of South Orange County continues to be amazing ever more.    This past Friday saw the Mayor Pro Tem of Laguna Niguel, Jerry McCloskey, join the Eagle and Quarterly Court of Honor for Troop 772 whereby a celebration of achievement was at hand as the 2013 Troop 772 Eagles were honored for their achievement.  It was also a joy to be witness to a night of celebration as Scouts were acknowledged as they advanced in rank and achieved their merit badges.

April is also bound to be quite exciting around South County.   The City of Laguna Niguel is gearing up to graduate its' latest cadre of Community Emergency Preparedness Academy Graduates.     The grass roots community outreach efforts is also ever so evident as well.    There is also another exciting time before us:  the Elections throughout South County.    The candidates have declared and the campaigning and endorsements have begun in earnest.

May we all live in interesting times....

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