Saturday, July 6, 2013

Week-End Notations: The 24th Annual "Run in the Park" @ The City of Laguna Niguel

On July 4, the City of Laguna Niguel and the South Coast YMCA sponsor an Annual Run in the Park.   This  year saw a record number of participants.   Local Businesses were also on hand to showcase their products and services.   It was quite a scene to see the Community come together yet again as it did.

I had the pleasure to join the event along with a contingent of Scouts from my Scout Troop supporting the event.  Member of the City Council--including the Mayor, Robert Ming-were on hand and Mayor Ming made the rounds and joined the Scouts briefly: 


The celebrations at the City culminated with beautiful fireworks at La Paz Park.   Other cities throughout South Orange County also celebrated the 4th of July as well with fireworks.  

As I saw the Community and all who had come together, I was reminded of this by Zayed Yasin as he noted that "...a life lived for yourself has little value".     Laguna Niguel proved it on July 4.

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