Monday, July 15, 2013

Around Town in South Orange County: Weekly Reflections

South Orange County is a very blessed and beautiful place.    As I drove around town and walked the beautiful trails and streeets, I could not help but realize and recognize how blessed I am for having lived in such a community.

This past week saw me visit the local VW dealer, Capistrano VW.   They have a very unique way to reach out to clients.  What particularly caught my eye was an initiative by the owner of the dealership to raise the awareness of the dangers of texting and driving.   As someone who had to be reminded of it, I was particularly impressed by what he had done by investing in a Motor Home that traveled all around getting folks to commit to not texting and driving.  He was driven by it as he observed his daughters doing the same.  The stories about how such careless acts have caused so much wreckage on people's lives is too much to mention.  Someone had the foresight to do something about it--and I was very very glad to add my name to that list.

The level of humanity shown by members of the Community also continues to amaze me.  Although the Community of South Orange County is one of the most affluent, many are suffering.  I am privy to such misery as I observe folks who visit the St. Timothy's Outreach Ministry to garner a week of food.  I could not shake off an older gentleman who came in one week who was living in his car with his wife and was begging for anything.       All challenges that I had before me seemed to somewhat disappear--it was as if the almighty had reminded me how truly good I had it.

I also continue to be amazed at how the Public School System continues to be at the forefront of innovation. This amazement is ever more as I see weekly reports from Capistrano Unified School District on the level of achievement done by students and how they move on to College.   I have also been quite amazed by the initiative by the School District to provide free lunches to children in South County.     This is all in spite of the push back by many more conservative elements who have not been as keen on Public Education.       With the new California State Budget, I am hopeful that some semblance of stability is at hand for Public Education as they continue onward with their mission.   

I have also been quite impressed with the evolution of the local paper, the Orange County Register.   I have especially been keen to read up on their focus on Faith.   This has been especially so as their columnist Mona Shadia has done a wonderful job to reflect upon the life of Muslims in South County.   I was especially quite impressed with her moving column about her experience as she began her spirtiual reset during the Holy Month of Ramadan.     

This is also a community that would see changes in leadership in 2014.    As it stands, the current Mayor of Laguna Niguel, Robert Ming, will be running for the County Supervisor Seat being vacated by Patricia Bates.    It is a sign of change to come.    

A fascinating community to be a  part of..beyond a doubt....

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