Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A reminder about poisoning

This is courtesy of USA.GOV:

Every day, 87 people in the U.S. die as a result of unintentional poisoning and more than 2,200 are treated in emergency rooms. Most of these poisonings occur in people's homes.

Get tips to prevent poisonings, including:
  • Never take larger or more frequent doses of your medications to try to get faster or more powerful effects.
  • Turn on a light when you give or take medicines at night so that you know you have the right medicine and the correct amount.
  • Keep medicines and chemicals in their original bottles or containers.
  • To keep young children safe, store all medicines and household products up and out of sight and reach. 
  • Secure the child safety cap every time you use a medicine.
  • Do not refer to medicine as "candy."
  • Get more tips...

Call 911 if a poison victim has collapsed or isn't breathing. If the victim is awake and alert, call thePoison Help line a 1-800-222-1222.

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