Sunday, September 3, 2023

#RandomThoughts on Iran

It is Labor Day here in the United States and I have been working away and thinking about Iran as the anniversary of Mahsa's death approaches.

I decided to share these #RandomThoughts on the last number of months on the realities in Iran:

Here are some of the tragic highlights: 

  • Discussing the great Shamloo:  How the anniversary of his passing was thwarted by the Regime;
  • Raissi Going to Zimbabwe, Uganda and Kenya:  It costs more to fly him to Zimbabwe than the whole trade with the country
  • Almost 2 Billion Dollars being sent to Hizballah, Hamas/Islamic Front/Hasth-Shabbi (Iraq), and Jaamelt Al Mustafa ((A "UniversitY" that spent over 700 million of the 2 billion Alone--Hizballah got almost a billion
  • A Morally corrupt and compromised Offical in Gilan was busted by one of his victims--and apparently, he had abused over 20 under-aged boys--and regime apologists talked about how "pious individuals" must be protected and his boss, the minister of Islamic Guidance, talked about how there were no "reports' and he had plans to hire 400 (Hizabollahi)
  • Raissi asked his government ministers to tell children they'd be better by having more kids.
  • 70% of Iran is under the official poverty line
  • They've shut down stats dealing with births (that analysts state has dropped) as the rates of abortion have arisen.
  • Inflation sprawling out of control and One of Raissi's VPs says people will see the results of the government's efforts "soon."
  • Sepideh Gholian's prison sentence was extended by 2 years, and was also dealing with a complaint from Ameneh Sadatt Zabihi Pour accusing Sepideh of, I believe, libel--and ended up getting an additional 15 months.   Sepideh's response was so brave and telling:  It was worth it.
 I close out with the following clip: 

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