Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Out & About With Some Brief Month-End #RandomThoughts

As I write this, it is the dawn of a new work week as I had a chance over the 4-Day Memorial Day Weekend to reflect on taking stock of where I have been and where I am going.    I also wanted to remember the brave souls who languish in Iranian Dungeons, including the rapper Tomaj Salehi-The Conscious of Iran.

I spent Memorial Weekend 2023 Saturday on a "daycation" in LA as I served as a Volunteer at the California Democratic Convention, being witness to the Governor, The State Treasurer, the Mayor of Los Angeles, the First Partner, and other local and State Leaders speak--and watching Democracy in Action.   I then went up to Glendale to visit my old High School, drive up the routes, and see how I somehow lived through it all.   I drove by the school where I learned to play Basketball, and I went to Forest Lawn to visit my late Aunt and Grandmother's gravesite to appreciate all I have been blessed with.

As I close out these #RandomThoughts With Romancing the Stone, I know the best is yet to come: 

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