Sunday, January 3, 2021

Out & About On This First Sunday Of 2021....

It has been a challenging weeks dealing with the the aftermath of COVID in our World  with all whom we've lost and all who are at the forefront of the fight.    There is still a lot to be thankful for with some of the provisions at hand as I continue to remain hopeful in spite of the challenges.   An old thought I ran across from my Facebook archives above  struck a cord!!!

As I gear up for my first edition of #RandomThoughts for the New Week (after January 6) I decided to look back by paying  homage to a great man who was killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan:  



I also ran across this clip done by an Iranian Singer with a praise for Freedom in Iran --although the lyrics are in Farsi, the scenes are powerful and the message is simple:  Iran must be free: 

I will be joining a candlelight vigil called for by the victims of the Ukraine Airlines PS752 on January 7 as I again pay homage to all those angels who were brutally murdered by the Islamic Republic:

I had the pleasure to support them when they launched and look forward to being supportive in whatever way that I can.

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