Monday, October 12, 2020

Out & About with Some Mid-Month Brief #RandomThoughts

It has been quite a month, yet again.  There is never ever a dull moment.

I have been continuing commitments at the Daily Outsider as I have been pushing away on some key long-term plans.    This was also a week that I'm remembering my late Aunt, Mahroo Pourarien (Pearson) that played such a pivotal role in my life--and I released a contribution to Mom's Against Poverty in her  memory.   I also worked on doing some minor long-delayed "tweaks' to a long-delayed Personal Social Media Profiles.

It has also been a busy month as I crisscrossed my beautiful State of California and grateful to the team at Google captured this for me:

 It was quite distressing to see the burnt lands as the burning continues even today.   

As I was out & about for the month, I got a chance to do a virtual audition for 25-Word or Less--It was fun to participate in it.  But beyond the "fun stuff", one k ey projects I worked on was watching the Movie Nasrin depicting the life of the valiant Lawyer and Civil Rights Campaigner Nasrin Soutodeh and released thoughts during my social Media engagements and made it a point of talking about it with friends--as I commend the team at the Boston Globe for having showcased it as it did: 

GlobeDocs Film Festival 2020

Your Nasrin pre-order is ready

Hi Mike,

It's time! Beginning October 1, 2020 12:00 AM EDT, your pre-order of Nasrin will be unlocked and ready for viewing. You have until October 12, 2020 11:45 PM EDT to start watching. You can access your streaming media via our website or by clicking the button below. Enjoy the show!

Watch now

It has also been a great month as I resurrected  contribution to the World Community Grid and Donate a Photo as I note a recent snapshot courtesy the team at The World Community Grid:

You are about 11 days away from earning your Bronze badge for Smash Childhood Cancer!
Your Contribution
Registered: September 26, 2010
Run Time: 395 days
Points: 992,833
Results: 1,759
Last Result: October 06, 2020
Learn about our Research
Smash Childhood Cancer OpenPandemics - COVID-19 Africa Rainfall Project

As I close out my Mid-Month Thoughts, I'm listening to an interview on Iran-E-Farda.  I am in awe at the courage of the young man speaking with a one year old daugther on how he's speaking out against the tyranny of the Islamic Republic--I salute him for his courage--I am just in awe.   How Iran has such beautiful people as Iran has been held hostage by evil.

I close out with this very compelling thought as I remain hopeful for the future in spite of it all: 

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