Sunday, April 19, 2020

As A New Week Dawns: #RandomThoughts For the Week

It has been quite a remarkable number of weeks.    I spent the weekend tending to commitments for my command as I also worked away on Academic Commitments.    I also worked away on the emerging project I've been working through on #LifeIntheTimeofCorona as I have captured Images during my Community walkabouts and the informal chats I've had with Community Members and Businesses.    The sense of righteousness that is needed is ever so critical as those of us who think about such issues as we all have to think about Life Beyond Corona because we have to--because things will not be the same again no matter how hard we tried.   

I finished the following earlier today while on the Social Grid on My Facebook Wall because what he reminds us as an admonition is critical for us all to think about as I remain hopeful and convinced that #WeWillGetThroughThisTogether not withstanding all the fissures we are witness to:

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