Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Out & About with Brief Visual #RandomThoughts

It was a bit of a struggle to think about my #RandomThoughts This week with all that is going on.   As I am working on a more comprehensive Note I decided to release these Visual #RandomThoughts as I had the pleasure to be at St Timothy's Parish last week being supportive of The Parish Faith Formation Children visiting the Parish I have collaborated with for almost Five years:  

It is being witness to such that continues to sustain my sense of hope--more so as I joined the Second Harvest Confrence Call with Partners as they debriefed all partners on their plans to make sure all who are food insecure in Orange County are served.  

It is also a week that has seen our World up-ended like never before as the COVD-19 virus (or some refer to as the Novell CoronaVirus) continues its' deadly inroads into our World.   We in Orange County are subject to a Shelter & Place Order and almost 30% of the State (some 8 Million people) are subject to such.   France has imposed a 15-Day Nationwide Curfew--followed by Spain.     Governments have stepped up in a major way.

I couldn't help but wonder what all those Conservatives who railed against Government would say now. 


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