Thursday, October 31, 2019


It has been quite a challenging month and a challenging year as the Holiday Season is before us that kicks off with #Halloween2019 Today.  

I had the good fortune to celebrate a Birthday as our family mourned the loss of an icon and a matriarch--My Aunt.   .    It was a nice touch as some of the folks I've worked with sent forth some nice birthday greetings: 
Today is National Siamak Day.
Happy Birthday to you. A celebration is definitely in order.
So, whatever you decide to do, we hope you have a great time.
Your friends at Experian

American Red Cross
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday, SIAMAK!
Birthdays are all about celebrating life, something that as a platelet donor you make possible for so many. Your act of love and generosity means that someone else might be celebrating another birthday too, because of you!

We hope you enjoy today with family, friends, and cake, too - knowing that you have helped save lives. And that might be the best gift of all!

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!
From Your Friends at the American Red Cross

I took comfort in this from the fab Og Mandino that is featured on my Facebook Wall because it underscores a sense of optimism that is absolutely vital no matter what the calamities are:

This was also a month that Iranian Women were allowed in Stadiums for the first time in 40 years.   Empress Farah of Iran Issued a Statement on it that underscored her sense of joy:  

It was also a distressing month of sorts as I joined the Fish For Life Cruise and one of the catches at hand was a Tennis Shoe--and we all thought it was a big shock: 

@Fish For Life 2019 (copyright Mike Pouraryan) 

@Fish For Life 2019 (Copyright Mike Pouraryan) 

I continue to remain hopeful in spite of the challenges as I wish all a Happy Halloween and say how the Best is yet to come:  

Outsider Dana Point Harbor (Copyright Mike Pouraryan) 

Onward to November with all its' possibilities....

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