Tuesday, September 10, 2019


It is the eve of 9/11 as I write some #RandomThoughts For the Week.   I captured the thoughts as I did above to think about our World especially as I see now John Bolton has been fired (or resigned) depending on the narratives.    

The two images I noted above to headline my #RandomThoughts was about caring and about making sure that as one simple member of the @ordinaryfaces, I continue to do what I can to give voice and to help to transform--the basic mission behind the Daily Outsider.   This is as I also finished off helping with curation on the eve of 9/11 as our team will go dark through Thursday in honor of 9/11 although our Twitter Feed will be active daily with updates along with the Broadcast POD.

As I close out these Brief #RandomThoughts, I wanted to salute the memory of the #BlueGirl in Iran who died of wounds she suffered after setting herself on Fire in protest at receiving a prison sentence for attending a football (Soccer) Match and also salute the Civic Activists who have received a combined 111 Years Prison Sentence:  


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