Sunday, April 7, 2019

#RandomThoughts While out & about.....

I was witness to Democracy once again as I had the pleasure to serve in the Special Elections.   This update I got was quite exciting about how Voters continue to be empowered through the innovative thinking by our local Registrar of Voters:

It is this along with the continued opportunity stay engaged that sustains my sense of hope--up and including the opportunity I had to serve as Principal for the Day at the John Malcolm School in Laguna Niguel to understand the challenges of our public schools.   But such hope has been tempered by the biblical storms in Iran--that continues right now and how Government continues to fail and fail miserably--the news is just tragic and distressing as Water continues to makes its' way down south.  Some 400,000 people are in the path of the floods and the reporting from the VOA's Radio Farda has been tough to listen to. 

As  I was pleased to see how the International Committee of the Red Cross Red Crescent Society underscored how there was no prohibition against helping.     I released this courtesy of Tavana--sometimes images are worth trillions of tweets and words:

Remaining Hopeful especially as I caught these on how selfless souls are stepping up everywhere throughout the drought areas:

An Army Colonel on his knees deep in Water helping the Elderly get on the Truck to Evacuate 

A Pediatrician Who Volunteered to Serve in the drought stricken area and serve in the Field Hospital

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