Friday, December 14, 2018


It has been quite a week as 2018 is drawing down to a close quickly.    I worked away helping with some re-branding and alignment of the Daily Outsider Properties as there was also activity that was picked up in the Google Corner launched earlier this year.    It was also a month that once again reminded me of the beauty of our Community--and the generous Community Spirit as exemplified by what I noted in my weekend note with the Visual Essay I produced on the Laguna Niguel Holiday Parade.   I just captured the video that the City of Laguna Niguel produced that is available here along with the Visual Essay below on the sites of Laguna Niguel I captured:  

It was also quite a week--and the great Trevor Noah captured it brilliantly.      He did go back to South Africa and his conversation with his Grand Mother was just beautiful:  

There is also Spotify--Hope all enjoy this as I begin the true "mad dash" to the finish and gear up for 2019 with what I was up to: 

This year, you listened to


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Find out everything there is to know about how you listened in 2018.

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