Friday, October 5, 2018

Out & About with Brief Weekly Thoughts...

It has been quite a first week!!!

It has been quite a week for the work at the Daily Outsider.   The team decided to be in a 'retrospective" mode as two notations were released this week on  the Main Daily Outsider Property.   It was also great to be witness to my hometown, Laguna Niguel, celebrated National walk to school day!!!

For me, though,  I took great comfort as I had the privilege to be at JFTB-Los Alamitos being supportive of my Unit's major project in helping to launch the Military History Museum here in Southern California which I am proud and privileged to share images of:  


As the first week comes to a close, a solid reminder from one of the key people I follow, Vala Afshar, was worth noting:

Remaining Hopeful....

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