Tuesday, January 12, 2016

On the Eve of President Obama (@POTUS) Final State Of the Union (#SOTU) : An #Outsider Newsflash

President Obama is gearing up to deliver his final State of the Union Tonight.     Our team felt that this was appropriate because this speech is about us all and the vision that the President Espouses for his final year in office.    It was hopeful that the House Speaker and the Senate Majority Leader were open to hear his ideas.     Excerpts reflect a hopeful speech as we feature this here--and the White House is reflecting upon the sense of service right now.

Despite all the disagreements, this is America at its' best--as we're amazed as to the power of outreach at the disposal of every American--one of the reasons behind the birth and on-going development of Outsiders!!!

Enjoy the Show!!!! 

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