Thursday, February 26, 2015

Around Town In South County: HomeAid Essentials 2015 (Brief Comments)

We here @ #Outsiders have been a ardent supporter of HomeAidOC for a number of years.   Their latest campaign is beginning in earnest and we wanted to share this that the Team @ HomeAidOC has sent out which makes a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.  We look forward to commenting on it over the ensuing weeks & months:


Please sign-up today to conduct a drive - Register Now!


Children & Families Commission 

Time Warner Inc

     Shea Homes 

For more information contact:

Gina Scott
Dir. of Community Engagement

Did you know that families are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population and they arestruggling to provide basic essentials such as diapersfor their children?  On average, one baby needs 3,000 diapers a year and HomeAid's goal is to provide a year supply of diapers to over 400 babies who are homeless - 1.2 Million Diapers Needed!

HomeAid Essentials is a community-wide effort beginning Friday, May 1 - 10, 2015, to collect diapers, wipes, care products and food for homeless children.  We need you to JOIN THE MOVEMENT andTAKE ACTION by signing-up to conduct a drive at your office, school, place of worship, neighborhood, community club or organization. 

Something as simple as a box of diapers multiplied by thousands can change lives.  HomeAid would be thrilled if you would join us as a community partner in 2015, so that together, we can end homelessness by lending a helping hand to the hundreds of homeless babies residing in our community.

Interested in Sponsorship Opportunities? (click here)
HomeAid Essentials has many sponsorship opportunities to help us run the campaign and give 
direct diaper support to babies who are homeless.

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