Saturday, January 10, 2015

Around Town in South County: Notations For the Week-End

The vibrancy of life in South Orange County and the commitment of the Community is such a joy to be witness to as 2015 has begun in earnest.    One example of such vibrancy was ever so evident as we here @ #outsiders joined  the Tiburon District Committee on Wednesday, it was ever so.    As noted in the "Tiburon on the Web" Site:

As We Went to Press....

Posted on Jan 8 2015 - 10:41pm
We here @ "Tiburon on the Web" joined the  District Committee deliberations as it held its' first  meeting of the New Year earlier this week and the 2015 District Team was elected.   Here are some highlights: 
It is amazing how such selfless souls with a multitude of responsibilities continue to step and show up everytime.    This was ever so exemplified as we also joined the Monthly Round table at the Tiburon District as a very remarkable young man spoke about his experience as he thereafter decided to "get into Politics' and now serves as Policy Advisor to newly-elected Supervisor Lisa Bartlett.  

As the week drew to a close, being witness to the vibrancy of Aliso Niguel High School was ever so evident.   The Aliso Niguel Soccer Team was out there, the Aliso Niguel Basketball Team was battling El Toro And a group of committed parents were spread heading a fundraiser for the Aliso Niguel Music Department--what was ever amazing was that they were going to be again "back at it" at 7 AM This morning.

How can one repay such dedication and commitment?

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