Friday, June 6, 2014

Around South County: As Always Engaging.....


It was a very busy week around South Orange County.    The June 3 primary election was held.  The turnout was low--but based on Statistics from the Registrar of Voters,  the final tally of turn-out will be around 24%..  Scott Lay built out a very nice tool that shared some real time data during the elections statewide.

A number of races were settled and a number of races have gone into runoffs.   What was gratifying to see though was how the Community was ever so vibrant.  Today saw the Firefighters out there in their annual campaign to "Fill the Boots" for the fight against Muscular Dystrophy in Laguna Hills .   Aliso Viejo Middle School had its' Falcon Olympics that saw kids competing in various events and parents who came out to support the kids:
Laguna Niguel is about to get another "Fresh Food" outlet.    The folks who own Wholesome Choice in Irvine are about to launch a second one for South Orange County.   It will be directly across almost from Whole Foods--but the interesting dilemma is that it will cater to a different cadre of the Community (including a very vibrant and engaging Persian Community).    It will be located in the "now" Ralphs Supermarket on the corner of La Paz and Aliso Creek that will be shutting down on July 3.

Laguna Niguel will also have its' annual dinner for all volunteers and the Citizen of the Year will be chosen.     We will have an update on it later on .    What was a bit disconcerting was to see the Orange County Register going through another series of cutbacks. Hopefully they will be able to insure that their mission to serve is not impacted too great.

As the Weekend looms, the  admonition from the Persian Poet Hafez is one worth remembering especially as the primary election season heats up.    The need to be ever so hopeful is as vital as ever.

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