Sunday, April 6, 2014

Around South County (4/6/2014): Brief "Tidibits" For the Week-End

One of the institutions around South Orange County celebrated 40 years this past week-end.  Caspers Regional Park has been a showcase of nature as it has continued to help preserve a sense of the reality in the ever growing Orange County.   It is ever so as Rancho Mission Viejo begins a new phase of its' development as the next phase in South Orange County's Development comes into focus.    Troop 772, Laguna Niguel's "Trailmasters", joined the celebrations: 

I have had the pleasure to camp at Caspers and have gone thru the hiking trails.   It is quite a gem to be preserved so that generations can continue to have the pleasure to enjoy that bit of nature in the midst of the sprawling metropolis that is South Orange County, California.

What I particularly look forward to is joining the Laguna Niguel Community Emergency Preparedness Academy's graduation on April 10, 2014.   Member of Troop 772 will join to assist the graduation by playing victims for the graduating class and thereafter participating in the celebrations.    This is an initiative by the City of Laguna Niguel that trains committed Citizens to be Ambassadors of Safety for their families, their neighbours and their community so that in turn they are able to be ready for the next big one.   As we in Southern California were reminded with the recent 5.1 Earthquake--it is not a question of if, but when.    

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