Monday, February 24, 2014

On Immigration Reform: Brief Thoughts & a "Fast For Families Across America"

The time for Immigration Reform has been ever so critical to insure that the 11 Million Estimated illegals are given an opportunity to be "free at last".    This has come ever so especially as a recent feature on BBC World News showcased how all who have so far been deported--an estimated 300,000 of them--that are living in hostels in Mexican Border Towns awaiting the next opportunity to cross over.   This report featured one man who had been deported and how his wife was trying to avoid deportation to avoid living their daughters without any parents to support them.

One way this is being highlighted is with the Fast for Families Bus Tour. It is slated to be in Orange County starting on the evening February 24 thru February 25 whereby a public event is scheduled across the street from the offices of US Congressman Ed Royce, who serves as the Chairman of the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, to highlight the plight of families and to urge action to hopefully help move this process forward for the sake of all Americans.

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