Saturday, March 23, 2019

#RandomThoughts As Spring's In the Air!!! :)

@ Mission Hospital In Mission Viejo, California 
It has been quite a week at the Daily Outsider as I am keeping fingers crossed about sharing some reasonably decent good news.   In the meantime, the work at hand continues.   It has also been a joyous time having been witness to the joy and beauty of Nowruz.   BBC Persian, Iran International and other Farsi-Language Broadcasters had quite a party--and what was so amazing was how the average Iranian Ordinary Face was dancing, singing and having fun in spite of all that the Regime tried to pull off.  

I had the pleasure to be supportive of my Aunt over the Week-End as she was at Mission Hospital and I was witness to how they yet again lived up to that mantra I captured above.  As the hospital resonated with the music celebrating the birth of a bay, it reminded me of when my Son was born as I eagerly await his decision on where he will attend College--How time flies!!

As I was working away, I was quite amazed by the email I caught below:

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Out & About with Brief #RandomThoughts On the Eve of #Nowruz

The Countdown to Nowruz continues!!!

The team at has been tracking the countdown!!!    I had no idea that 19 countries (that's almost 10 percent of the members of the UN) recognize Nowruz as a National Holiday.    This is as the UN has also designated Nowruz as a day of celebration as well.    The Smithsonian in Washington had a celebration this past Saturday and I captured their beautiful "Haft-Sin" which signifies renewal, hope and optimism.    I am jealous as mine does not even come close to this!!

I wanted to do the traditional jumping over the fire that signifies to let go of the past, burn it off and look ahead--I did not have a match to light something--and being a serving a City Official, it simply was not right--so I did it "Virtually"!!!     But, I could not help to remember the less fortunate in Iran right now captured so beautifully by this: 

This depicts a child bringing her doll to her parents as she wishes them Happy Nowruz--to underscore the unspeakable hardship Iranians are facing right now.    There is a day that does not go by as I review the Telegram Channels--it is just heartbreaking.    This is as I pay tribute to all the political prisoners including the lioness of Iran, Nasrin Soutodeh, who has officially received her sentence and has decided not to appeal it to underscore the injustice that prevails in Iran today.    As one simple ordinary face, I salute Mehdi Felahati who paid such a beautiful tribute to her as he called her the most courageous person of the Iranian Year 1397.      One of her crimes:  the decision to accept the case of some 6,000 people accused of supposed security offenses.    Jafar Panahi, the acclaimed Film Director, called her a Modern Day Gandhi or Mandela--I could not agree more.    That's why the Regime is so afraid of her.     I caught this (in Farsi) on the Tavanah Telegram Page based on updates from her husband who's also facing a prison term:

I continue to be in awe at the resiliency of Iranians in spite of it all as I leave all w/this beautiful 2 Minute celebration of Nowruz:

Onward as I say, "#WeWillReClaimIran"...


Saturday, March 16, 2019

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Out & About with Brief Thoughts.....

It has been quite a week!!

What I got from the American Red Cross made my day:


Thank you for being an American Red Cross platelet donor. Your platelets may be a lifesaving gift to patients in need, including cancer and trauma patients, individuals undergoing major surgeries, patients with blood disorders and premature babies.

After first ensuring local needs were met, your donation on 02/26/2019 was sent to UC San Diego Health - La Jolla Jacobs Medical Center in La Jolla, CA to help patients in need. Your donation made its way to save lives.

Platelets have a very short life span – only 5 days! It's critical for us to collect platelets continuously to ensure they're available for patients when they need them. Your ongoing donations are greatly appreciated. If you're eligible to give again, please schedule your next donation today!

On behalf of the hospitals and patients we serve, thank you for being a Red Crossplatelet donor!

Dr. Pampee Young
Pampee P. Young, M.D., Ph.D.
Chief Medical Officer
American Red Cross

As I also have been quite busy with commitments at the Daily Outsider and also doing a Nowruz Countdown--In that spirit, I decided to share this I released earlier on Facebook where the Tehran of yesteryear was so beautifully depicted:

I have also been agitating to be supportive of the case of the Lawyer and Human Rights Activist Nasrin Soutodeh and the extremely harsh sentence she was handed down.     The tribute by the Director Jafar Panahi (which I will translate by Nowroz) was just beautiful--I just finished adding my name to the most recent Amnesty Petition as I say loudly #WeWillReClaimIran.

Sunday, March 10, 2019


On the Road in Irvine at the Chinese Cultural Center 

It was quite a week that began with my joining an orientation for the upcoming special election in Orange County tomorrow.    I captured the above image while at the Chinese Community Center in Irvine last week.    I appreciate the opportunity to once again be witness to Democracy in Action. 

What blew me was my morning of service as a Principal for the Day as I hope to reflect upon it soon.  I also had the pleasure to represent Our Fathers' Table at a Community Meeting to discuss the mission of the organization and I was so appreciative of the graciousness shown by the Host Organization:  Niguel Shores Mens' Club.  This is as the weekend started with a Lent Retreat at St. Timothy's that was quite reflective which I also look forward to write about.     I will also note that a week is not even possible without my mentioning the work at the Daily Outsider.   There are some interesting things going on which I look forward to talking about real soon--it is kind of fun to see the blood, sweat (and yes tears at times) finally coming together.

It has been also quite a week on the weather front in Southern California..   Rain may becoming again--but Laguna Niguel is as beautiful as ever as the #LN30 celebration is continuing onward: 

I am glad to see as the City has staffed up to further its' on-going outreach efforts with some fun stuff including TriviaThursday--I just noticed banners that went up Crown Valley Parkway.     It is also Nowroz as I had the pleasure to put up the "7 Seen" at my place--it is not the most creative but the spirit of it all is what is absolutely critical to underscore:

This beautiful Persian Melody captures the beauty and majesty of advent of Nowruz:

I could not help myself but finish this set of #RandomThoughts with this beautiful Hindi Medley -   - From the Classic Mujhse Dosti Karoge  (which means will you be my friend) from 2002 w/ Hrithik, Kareena and Rani:

Onward to the new week!!

Monday, March 4, 2019

Out & About with #RandomThoughts.....

It has been quite a month and I'm still catching my breath.  I decided to headline this note with a snapshot of the beauty of Iran courtesy of Kaveh Madani on the beauty of Iranian Wildlife.    This is as I got word courtesy of Credit Karma about a data breach which underscores the profound challenges we all face in the Wild West we have to deal with:  

Collection #2 Combo List breach

January 2019
Collection #2 is a combolist — someone put together info from individual data breaches and then shared that combined list publicly or on the dark web. This is one of a series of 5 'Collections' of combolists that were sold online in January 2019.

This collection has over 3 billion unique records, including millions of exposed emails and passwords. While much of the info came from previous breaches, several million records could be new.

Criminals use passwords from combolists to try to gain access to your other accounts. That’s why you should never re-use passwords, especially in places with sensitive personal or financial info — like your banking app, health insurance site, tax software, email account, etc.

February was also the 40th Anniversary of the Iranian Revolution.    Empress Farah of Iran  captured the predicament of Iran in a moving way:

What was so sickening was this by Ayatollah Khameini as Iran was in a complete meltdown on all fronts:  

Despite some of the heart wrenching stories I've seen, what I picked up in February from the Special Representative on Iran was appreciated:

I produced a Visual Essay on the current realities on Iran as I envision these notations to be part of a broader dialogue I'll have during March on the eve of Nowroz : 

Monday, February 25, 2019

On a Brief Prowl w this 2 Enjoy 😎😎 by Ekoob Band

Out & About ....

As I write this, I am gearing up for a busy March with all the projects & initiatives at hand.  I cannot believe the challenging year so far--and it has only been February.    One of the highlights of the Month was when I got a call from the American Red Cross that my platelet contributions was instrumental in helping to save 3 Lives.  I look forward to being at the Red Cross on Tuesday with another contribution in a small way to pay homage to all members of my family and close friends who've had to fight cancer ever since I could remember as I am appreciative of this note I received from the American Red Cross:

American Red Cross

Thank you. Two simple words that when put together can mean so much. YOU mean so much to the American Red Cross. We want to wholeheartedly thank you for your continued dedication to platelet donation. Your time and donations help ensure that lifesaving platelets are available for patients across the country. By turning your compassion into action, you make a difference.

As a platelet donor, you give your heart and share your strength. We love to celebrate those who give so much. When you hit special milestones, you'll be able to request a pin to wear with pride. Watch your email for progress updates along the way. And, we'll send you a congratulatory email when you've reached a milestone.

We could not help so many people without your generosity. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Dr. Pampee Young
Pampee P. Young, M.D., Ph.D.
Chief Medical Officer
American Red Cross

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Out & About with Brief Random Thoughts

It has been quite a weekend--and that's putting it mildly.     I released a contribution to the Daily Quotes which is a must read for me as a new Week dawns:

I have also been working away on a personal retrospective on Iran which I look forward to releasing soon.   I was also blown away by this beautiful song about a plea for piece--the song is in Arabic and the caption is in Persian--I look forward to transcribing it soon --but the plea  for peace and a better tomorrow is ever so:

Thursday, February 14, 2019

#RandomThoughts on this #ValentinesDay2019

Get your heart racing

It is Valentine's Day 2019!!   Our Mayor noted a simple reminder which I totally agree with:  every day is Valentine's Day as I see the rain pouring down--and how beautiful it is.   
I thought about the Parkland-14 and all that the survivors have done.   I had the pleasure to be at the San Clemente March for Life--and yes they have helped change the conversation-there was even an implicit admission in the statement that was released by the President from the White House Today.   We have to do more though--and yes we can!!    

But, as I was finishing off my daily readings, I picked up a tweet from @AOC--she's been a lightening rod because of her Green New Deal.   But what she noted here in this Tweet was sickening:

I sent this tweet off to the Senior Adviser for County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett with a request that the Supervisor is made aware of this horrific act done by Lobbyists in Washington.  I also   finished off some thoughts for my students earlier today while working away which I wanted to note below-we can and must do better for the sake of each of us: 

It is Valentine's Day 2019.    
As I hope all agree, everyday is a Valentine's Day as we remember all we value, those we cherish and continue to honor our loved ones.   
We also need to remember our role as members in our own community and to do what we can to make a difference--This hit home for me yesterday as I was at my Catholic Parish Pantry as I helped a single mom with three kids whose father was deported to Mexico years ago.    This has also been a year since the tragedy of Parkland Florida--and this horrified me even more--that's why as aspiring leaders looking to the future, we have to think about a legacy of purpose always as I look forward to our on-going dialogue.  

As I was thinking about our World, I can't also help but be thankful for all my blessings.  It has been 40 years since the Revolution--I can't even imagine if we as a family had to deal with my Dad being in jail-as thankfully he had the foresight never ever to be political.     I was reminded of it as I  picked up the agony felt by the daughter of Iran's Green Movement Leader, Mir Hossein Mousavi, as she reminded the World how her parents continue to be under house arrest after 9 years.     I've seen reports that Mr. Mousavi and Dr. Rahnavard  are able to see family.  But, as Mohsen Kadivar noted in his classic speech remembering the fallen of the Green Movement nine years ago, even Paradise is a prison if it is locked.

I leave all with this courtesy of the team at cool Earth as I.....

Hearts and Crosses are animated to explode from the crown of a tree. A title reads "Shout it from the Treetops"

to say Happy Valentine's Day to all!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Working Away w/Brief #RandomThoughts For the W-End

It has been quite a week!!   

We have had some great weather in California that prompted me to break out my sweaters and yes even turn on the heater--it also rained again this morning!!!    The Mountains have Snow and some say that we in California are in good shape after years of drought.    But, the broader challenge of climate change remains as I went back and revisited this chart about my family's predicament and climate change:  

I have also been trying to get some discipline back with my "Screen Time" and was "kind of glad" to see this data that I track.   We need to have a life beyond Digital--although the Work I support for the Daily Outsider (including help with the property curations & the daily Social Media curations/Media Reviews):  

RescueTime personal time management

Your 2018 year in review is ready

You logged 1,900 hours last year! We’ve rolled up your time into a personal infographic--here is my link:

Over the past week, you logged

39h 37m
Down arrow blue4 fewer hours than the previous week

Your productivity pulse

Down arrow blue13% decrease from the previous week

Very distracting time

Very productive time

Most of your time went towards:

Social Net.

Top applications and websites:

7h 57m
5h 9m
2h 41m
2h 31m
1h 58m

Your goals for the past week

Goal met large

Less than 14 hours on All Distracting Time

All day, every day
21h 32m
3h 4m avg per day
Goal met large

More than 14 hours on Reference Time

All day, every day
9h 55m
1h 25m avg per day

I was so glad to be supportive as I joined the hashtag #standwithjeff as he went after the National Inquirer Hard.  He stood up for many ordinary faces--and I am with Scott Galloway of the NYU Stern School when he noted how we have to make sure that we are aware of how truly digitized our lives are and how mistakes can ruin lives--Teens are dealing with it all the team and we must act now no doubt.   I look forward to reflecting further on it.

As I close out these thoughts, I picked this up--I don't feel really too bad as I helped to start The Daily Outsider-I do wonder at times,though:


Verified account @JonErlichman
3 hours ago
Age when they started their company:
Bill Gates (Microsoft): 19
Reed Hastings (Netflix): 36
Jeff Bezos (Amazon): 30 Doris Fisher (The Gap): 37
Bernie Marcus (Home Depot): 50
Vera Wang (Vera Wang): 40 Sam Walton (Walmart): 44
Charles Flint (IBM): 61
Gordon Bowker (Starbucks): 51

This is also the eve of the 40th Anniversary of the Iranian Revolution of 1979 that has caused so much misery and pain for Iran and the World. One of the best indictments of the 40-years of Islamic Rule in Iran was done by the Voice Of America's Farsi Service. Mehdi Fallahati has done a fantastic job of exposing the corruption and murderous reign of the Islamic Republic. The fraud that the current President noted (on how he advocated to cut off Armed Forces' Pensioners) was hard to listen to. What is also so sad is how Rouhani did not fulfill a single campaign promise that prompted some 24 Million Iranians to vote for him. The numbers his budget has given one religious institution is more than the budget for 22 Provinces!!! The program is in Farsi but the need to help note the great work he's done is critical. I also was grateful to one of the leading Iranian-Americans, Dr. Firouz Naderi, as he underscored the need for many of us Iranian @ordinaryfaces believe:

  1. 5/5-I support Iranians’ right to defiant protests and acts of civil disobedience and believe that US support, both from Democrats & Republicans, is helpful for the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom – a support that was absent, and an opportunity that was missed, in 2009.
  2. 4/5-I do not support President Trump for reasons having nothing to do with Iran. But I support his policies aimed at weakening the Islamic Republic so long as it does not include armed invasion of Iran and economic policies that further squeeze the common people.
  3. 3/5-The road to victory requires all forces to unite for freedom of Iran- regardless of being republicans or royalists. They (and all of us) need to come together to bring an end to this ruinous regime. Don't tear each other apart; focus your anger and your energy. IT CAN BE DONE
  4. 2/5-No to human rights abuses of Iran’s citizens. No to the pervasive governmental corruption. No to continued mismanagement of Iran’s resources. No to wasting its most precious capital – it’s youth. No to the adventurism of IRI abroad. No to the Islamic Republic - period.
  5. 1/5-As the unfortunate 40th anniversary of the Regime approaches, let us unite behind the common goal of ending one of the darkest chapters of our history and work toward a secular democracy for Iran. Put aside past differences and varied preferences and focus on what we agree.