Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Out & About With Thoughts.....

It has been quite a week in our World.     I decided to take a bit of a "light" but upbeat stance for this week as I chose two Flash Mob Videos from Beirut and Amman: 

This second one from Jordan about Palestine was truly inspiring and beautiful to listen to at the Galleria Mall Jordan.      As I listened to these two, it reminded me of the Words of Francois Hollande as he paid tribute to the fallen of the Paris Bombings when he noted how we must sing more and louder ever more.    How timely it is as we will sing more and dance more to be a continued thorn in the side of all who will deny us all the right to be happy and to live.   I released the first clip to my Facebook Wall and it may have cost me a Facebook Friend--Oh well!!!  But this is the true face of the Middle East not withstanding attempts by some of the lowlifes in Iran especially to stymmie people's happiness with recent arrests. 

As I was finishing off my thoughts and "book-ending" some late curation work on Twitter, I ran across this On Leadership:  

I retweeted this--if only our current leaders at the National Level understood this. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Out & About w/ "My Word Is Free" & An Admonition from #Madiba

It has been an interesting week at the Daily Outsider.    For me, the level of respect has grown by leaps and bounds at the non-violent civil resistance that continues to persist inside Iran.    It has left me speechless as people continue to find ways to defy the Regime as challenges continues to mount for the ordinary man and woman that the Regime in Iran is simply incapable of solving.    I have tried to be optimistic but it is not easy to remain optimistic in the age of Trump as he continues to throw European allies under the bus and praises the President of Russia.  

As I am writing this, Donald Trump has landed in Europe and will be entertained in the UK as he will avoid the protests planned for him.   On the eve of his visit, Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council, reminded the President that America does not truly have any allies around the World.    This is a crucial remark that is worth noting, "..... First of all, dear America, appreciate your allies, after all you don't have that many. And, dear Europe, spend more on your defence, because everyone respects an ally that is well-prepared and equipped. Money is important, but genuine solidarity is even more important. Speaking about solidarity, I want to dispel the American President's argument, which says that the US alone protects Europe against our enemies, and that the US is almost alone in this struggle. Europe was first to respond on a large scale when the US was attacked, and called for solidarity after 9/11. European soldiers have been fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with American soldiers in Afghanistan. 870 brave European men and women sacrificed their lives, including 40 soldiers from my homeland Poland. Dear Mr President, please remember about this tomorrow, when we meet at the NATO summit, but above all when you meet president Putin in Helsinki. It is always worth knowing: who is your strategic friend? And who is your strategic problem?...."    This is also as the US Senate in a 97-2 Vote rebuked the President on his stance regarding NATO.

What I did was to take comfort in what Emel Mathlouthi wrote for the Arab Spring.  I first saw scenes of it as she sang it on the streets of Tunis where it all began.  It seems so long ago--but the words "My Word is Free" resonates ever more that I thought might be a nice moment of reflection--this is also as how the World came together to rescue the 12 Thai Kids stuck in a cave for over three weeks.   It is also of note to remember what Nelson Mandela Reminded Us all that I hope all who are in power today make note on the eve of Mandela Day: 

Friday, July 6, 2018

Out & About: Weekly Thoughts

It has been quite a month as I worked away in support of the Daily Outsider as the third quarter has begun.   I had the pleasure to once again join the City of Laguna Niguel's Run in the Park and produced a Visual Essay on it that I distributed to my YouTube Channel.    It was great to see the Community coming out in support of the YMCA and the City.   The City's Fireworks yet again was just beautiful to be witness to.

One beautiful scene I was also witness to was the March For Families in opposition to President Trump's Family Separation Policy.   Thousands showed up within a week's notice at Portola High School--we all then Marched from Portola High School to the James A Musick Facility in Irvine where we understand 4 of the Mothers were held--I produced a Visual Essay on it.     

Once area I've been focused on has been what's been going on in Iran as the Protests have gathered steam.  I captured a few of the on-going coverage over the past couple of weeks as the Government in Tehran is clearly nervous in light of President Trump's decision to withdraw from the JCPOA:  

"...Vahid Shagaghi:  You impose a Tax on somehow buying Pizza, but someone who receives billions in Profits
not a single rial (Iran's Currency) was paid in Taxes--A government that was not even allowed to pass its' System of Taxation..." 

Iran Government Spokesman:  All Ex-Pats, Please bring your gold & foreign currency back ...

Special Military Advisor to the Supreme Leader:  It appears that if there is no Government in Tehran,
The country will run smoother

I was not per se concerned about the implicit threat of a coup that has dissipated.   But what I found laughable was the Government Spokesman request--I wondered if he forgot about all who have stolen billions--In the meantime, the continued attacks on the internal voices of dissent including Hengameh Shahidi has continued.   This is as the head of the Judiciary in the Country had threatened everyone with  20 years minimum imprisonment along with the following flow of thoughts which I found to be extremely disconcerting:

It has been quite challenging to remain hopeful about the state of our World especially as I am seeing challenges with Tariffs.  Our team at the Daily Outsider will be on the prowl assessing it develops.

Truly challenging times--but have to remain hopeful!!


Thursday, June 21, 2018

Out & About w/Thoughts On the Eve of the Week-End

@ The ACC-OC Continuum of Care Tour 2018 

@ The Laguna Niguel Military Support Committee Car Wash 

Two Team Members of the USS Stocksdale On Duty!! :) 

The last three weeks have been challenging to be witness to.   I was witness to how the Community comes together as the Laguna Niguel Military Support Committee sponsored a car wash in support of the USS Stocksdale that raised an estimated 3,000 Dollars.   I also was witness to Democracy this week as the Community came out in force to advocate for their cause--although the Laguna Niguel City Council voted against the recommendation of the Traffic Commission where I serve on.   I also had the opportunity to join the second annual ACC-OC Continuum of Care Tour where I was witness t how the Community continues to do whatever it can to eradicate the cancer of homelessness in Orange County.    This was also as I got myself a preview of  Graduation as I joined Aliso Niguel's Graduation Ceremonies as my Son was named to the Junior Class Court of Honor--a proud moment!!

My sense of hope and optimism is always sustained when I am witness to selfless souls making a difference--although what was happening On the Border with Mexico and the passage of the Farm Bill really floored me--as President Trump was on a tirade blaming Democrats as his Administration began to take steps to modify the governing case on child detainees after misleading the Public over the past few weeks.     I helped finish off a column for the Daily Outsider on it.     

Beyond the shores of the US, there is also Iran--a focus of mine.     Iran's National Team played Spain--and I caught glimpses of it.   Although Iran Lost--the guys should hold their head up high!!  I made it a point of expressing my appreciation On Twitter as this captured it all: 

This Iranian Actor & Director Wrote that despite not having hardly any games to prepare, sponsors having cancelled (including the despicable move by Nike), the valiant and brave moves by the players would forever be remembered.    Another milestone was also achieved:  Women were able to watch the game at Tehran's Main Stadium which was another major milestone.     

Despite this glimmer, there was another travesty that occurred which was the arrest of this woman on the eve of her presenting evidence of her Client's innocence:  

I understood from catching Iran Farda earlier today that she was due to present the evidence in an interview with the founder and Managing Director for the Network, Dr. Alireza Nourizadeh and was detained.    I'll be on the lookout to see about her disclosures that I'm hopeful it will be forthcoming. 
It has been quite a week--but I retain a sense of hope.   There is no choice--is there? 

Saturday, June 16, 2018

On this #FathersDay

It is Fathers' Day Week-End.   On the eve of Fathers' Day Week-End I  began with this I released to my Facebook wall as a tribute to my Dad:

As I would be "kind of" off the Grid and as I helped with some curation work for the properties of the Daily Outsider for Fathers' Day, What I ran across below was so timely yet again thanks to the great work of Jonathan Lockwood Huie.  Although all the thoughts are critical, the one that especially resonated with me was the last one from Eleanor Roosevelt-I pray daily I did what I could as an Example for My Son...


There are two lasting bequests we can give our children: One is roots, the other is wings.
- Hodding Carter

The best inheritance a parent can give his children
is a few minutes of his time each day.
- Orlando A. Battista

Let parents bequeath to their children
not riches, but the spirit of reverence.
- Plato

If there is anything we wish to change in the child, we should first examine it and see whether it is not something that could better be changed in ourselves.
- Carl Jung

Every parent is at some time the father of the unreturned prodigal,
with nothing to do but keep his house open to hope.
- John Ciardi

You can never really live anyone else's life,
not even your child's.
The influence you exert is through your own life,
and what you've become yourself.
- Eleanor Roosevelt

"Out & About" For the W-End....

I had been a bit "quiet" in my corner as i have been working away on Community Projects & Initiatives.  As the W-End Dawns,  I wanted to do things a bit differently while being "out & about" with what I picked up while on the "Grid" throughout the Week in support of The Daily Outsider especially during FIFA 2018!!!


Saturday, June 2, 2018

Out & About.....

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.” -Amelia Earhart  

A new month has officially arrived.     I captured this image from the team at the Mission that underscores how we should always have a little fun no matter what the circumstances are.     

It has been quite a month on a multitude of fronts as exemplified by what  the Daily Outsider Team Worked on throughout the Month of May.    It was a bit irritating dealing with a challenge with the Twitter Handle over the past few weeks but it is now back up.   I myself was on a multitude of community projects including A solemn Memorial Day Ceremony at City of the Laguna Niguel that honored veterans in attendance and all who had given their life for America.     T his was as I was also witness to selfless acts throughout the month exemplified by the work being done about an upcoming car wash in support of the Units Laguna Niguel has adopted.

One thing that this past month truly brought home was a need to  embrace the possibilities no matter what the circumstances are.   As I was reflecting upon the month, there was one that truly hit home.    One of the clients at my City's Catholic Parish Pantry--where I serve on the staff in support--shared with me how she did recycling.   What was amazing about it all was how she did and then gave all the proceeds to her Church.      This was simple deceny in action which was something the Atlantic's David Frum noted especially in light of controversies over Samantha Bee's very very unfortunate comments about Ivanka Trump.     

Beyond the shores of America, there is Iran--a special focus of mine with my responsibilities at the Daily Outsider.    I can't help but bow in large respect at the Truck Drivers, the teachers, the taxi drivers and all who have continued to be persistent in their protests against the regime as Economic Calamity continues to befall the Country on a multitude of fronts as the Regime tries to show an aura of normalcy.

It is not an easy task to remain hopeful.    There is no choice--and in it is where the probable can be possible--The tenancity of the dogs also reminds us of it all!!!  I close out this weekly with this that truly blew me away about how selfless souls can make a difference as they can:

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Out & About w/Mid-Week Notations


It was another interesting, challenging, disheartening and yet hopeful week.    Despite the profound challenges as exemplified in the work our team has done at the Daily Outsider, I wanted to be a bit "upbeat" as I picked the Disney Image above from the folks at the Mission above which is quite cute as I also take comfort in this admonition from John Kennedy: 

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them.”   

One of the many highlights of the week for me was being at at the Aliso Niguel High School last night as the class of 2018 senior awards were held.   What was amazing was to see selfless souls who spearheaded the reception for the presenters and the honorees and their families.   I produced a Visual Essay of this fabulous Night of Service: 

This is also a week that saw us losing two major literary figures:  Philip Roth and Tom Wolf.    The beautiful Tribute by Adam Lashinksy is fabulous: 

If you’re fortunate enough to practice a craft and to achieve some modest success at it, and if you have even a modicum of humility, then you’re hyper aware of the giants of your field, the people whose least impressive effort is better than you’ll ever accomplish.

Journalist and novelist Tom Wolfe was one of the finest practitioners of narrative nonfiction ever to write in English. Wolfe, who died Tuesday at age 88, was a lion of 20th century journalism, a hard-working, creative, brilliant writer, and a colorful character in his own right. There may be no better example of the genre than The Right Stuff, Wolfe’s meticulously researched and entertainingly told tale of the early American astronauts and the daring test pilot, Chuck Yeager, who never joined their ranks. He excelled at literary criticism, cultural and political portraits, and then, as if there was nothing left to achieve, fiction. His Bonfire of the Vanities recorded an era, the 1980s on Wall Street, as well as any writer ever will.
This being Data Sheet, it may shock you to know that Wolfe also wrote one of the best magazine feature stories every published about Silicon Valley. His December, 1983, profile in Esquire of Intel co-founder Robert Noyce captured the early days of the technology industry, a feat all the more astounding given Wolfe’s outsider status in these parts.

Anyone who thinks today’s “brogrammer” culture in the Valley is somehow new needs to read Wolfe’s insightful account of the proclivity of Intel men to leave their wives for the young women at work who found the engineers’ stories and business triumphs far more entertaining than their homebound spouses did.

I first read Wolfe’s Esquire article a baker’s dozen years ago when I was reporting a profile of Intel’s new CEO, Paul Otellini, who died last year. I asked the legendary Andy Grove, also no longer with us, about the Wolfe profile of his long-deceased boss, and Grove unleashed a typically expletive-laden condemnation of Wolfe’s sendup, arguing that Wolfe didn’t understand Silicon Valley.

I could see why Grove didn’t cotton to Wolfe’s account. But I thought then—and continue to think now—that Wolfe perfectly nailed the self-righteous, entitled, narcissistic mentality of the Valley, a place whose accomplishments equal its hubris. And this was nearly 35 years ago.

Godspeed, Tom Wolfe.
Adam Lashinsky

I had a chance to confer with one of the presenters.   He was part of the local Laguna Niguel Rotary Club Committee that made determinations on the Awards.   He noted how as he read the submissions, he noted that the Republic will be fine--I couldn't agree more not withstanding the challenging scene we're faced with.

As I conclude these thoughts,  I wanted to wish all in the United States a restful Memorial Day Week-End as it is the "official" beginning of Summer, the School Year is coming to an end but more importantly--it is a chance to remember and honor all who have served.    I look forward to joining the City of Laguna Niguel's Event on May 28!!

Onward to June with all its' possibilities!!! 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Out & About w/Brief Thoughts as a New Week is At hand....

A new week is at hand as I write this.   It has already been quite a forthnight as I have been helping to tweet on the #GazaReturnMarch and how as I am finishing off these thoughts, some 16 people have been killed--and over 700 people have been wounded.    Al Jazeera has been covering this live which is available in The Daily Outsider Main Property in the Live Broadcast Pod.   This is as  the US Embassy will officially be opened as Palestinians throughout Israel and Gaza will continue their protests as a build up to Nakbha Day.   It is just so overwhelming to be witness to it as Gaza continues to be blocked by Israel to fish and as the two only entrants from Egypt and Israel continue to be closed.

As I was curating work and continuing to build out my repository of thoughts,  I ran across this as I wanted to share this on a positive note:

Friday, May 11, 2018

Thank you @SteveSchmidtSES

As I had the pleasure to be supportive of the Work of the Daily Outsider throughout the week, I can't think of a way to "book end" my week before being "dark" for the weekend with this from Steve Schmidt.

Steve Schmidt managed the 2008 Presidential Campaign from  Senator McCain.   These are some of the most powerful 4 minutes in praise of Senator McCain and I bow in respect to Mr. Schmidt for this eloquent tribute to Senator McCain which epitomizes what I view Senator McCain to be.    
I made it a point of responding to Mrs. McCain in the aftermath of the vile comments by the White House Aide and a Fox Pundit:

As I was finishing these thoughts and wanted to confirm Mr. Schmidt's Twitter Handle, I saw this (and couldn't agree more as to how General Kelly could tolerate this):

I will note that I have had disagreements with his views over the years.  But that's the beauty of democracy.    His commitment to America is unshakable and his legacy will endure long after Donald Trump along with his vile and despicable Vice President, Mike Pence and his entire Administration are relegated to the dustbin of History.      

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Out & About w/Thoughts.....

As I was working away on late commitments for the Daily Outsider, I saw that Israel had struck Iranian Infrastructure in Syria after what was noted to be an Iranian Missile Barrage which was struck down by Israel's Iron Dome Defense System.   The Israeli Defense Chief had said that All key Iranian Infrastructure in Syria had been hit.    The last reports I personally reviewed was that over 2,000 Iranians had been killed--that does not include all the Afghan Recruits who joined the ranks out of desperation--Truly worrisome times....

I had hoped to strike a rather optimistic tone--but these two Visual Essays I produced over the past Week was to "hopefully"  tend decided to take a different "route" this week as I also was knee deep in various projects to share two "Visual Essays" I produced It has been an interesting week!!   For this edition of my "Out & About",   here are two Visual Essays to Enjoy as I also wanted to extend a Happy Mother's Day as it is Mothers' Day Week & of Course Teacher Appreciation Week:

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Out & About w/Brief Thoughts On the Eve of a New Week

Googosh Sings 


@ANHSTealTown Espirit De Wolverine 

What a week it was!!! 

It  was a week being witness to humanity and yet being taken aback by some of the on-going challenges in our World including the Gaza Return March and the freak show in Washington epitomized by the latest over the Stormy Daniels mess.    Professor Turley of George Washington reflected upon this on Face The Nation--As I noted on Twitter earlier, I read his blog daily although I  have disagreements with him periodically.

Our World was witness to quite a challenging week on a multitude of fronts no doubt--but my sense of optimism was exemplified as I was witness to the Esprit de Wolverine Awards at my Son's High School being witness to  the beaming Young being honored by their teachers under the watchful and proud eyes of their parents--and how the selfless souls that serve on the Aliso Niguel PTSA Board hosted a reception for the students and their families.    This was also a week, though, that saw one of the leading lights of Modern Iranian Music, Naser Cheshmazer leave the scene as he had a heart attack--I chose a clip of one of my modern classics song by the Iranian Music Legend Googosh courtesy of the Team at Tavanah that I was pleased to present

I am looking forward to joining an afternoon of service later on this week at Camp Pendelton as I will join the team from the Laguna Niguel Military Support Committee for a Family Day with the 1/4 Marines & thereafter join the selfless souls who serve on the Aliso Niguel Grad Night Committee as we all gear up to host the Grad Night 2018.   

I close out my brief thoughts with this very optimistic note courtesy of the visionary Peter Diamandis that is a long-read but also quite critical for us to remain as to what is truly possible: 

Every year I take the major XPRIZE benefactors (Vision Circle & Innovation Board members) on an Adventure Trip. This time, we went to Vatican City to discuss longevity and regenerative medicine, piggybacking on the United to Cure conference hosted by the Pope. 
The notion that the Vatican hosted this event, and even had a panel on “the morality of immortality” (or the immorality of mortality) is pretty amazing (more on this in a future blog). It’s more evidence that we’re living during the most extraordinary time ever in human history. 
Since I had the great honor to give the opening keynote, I thought I’d use this blog as an opportunity to share my remarks. Let’s dive in. 

Contextualizing Human Progress

It's hard to remember how extraordinary the world is today when we're bombarded 24/7 by news about problems and disasters. History provides valuable context, however.
  • Some 700 years ago, the Plague killed 200 million people in a single year -- 40 percent of England.
  • About 500 years ago, famine claimed 3 million lives in France. 
  • 100 years ago (in 1918) World War I claimed 16 million lives, while the flu pandemic caused 50 million deaths. All in a single year.
If these were our current headlines, we would be in shock.
We forget how much the world has progressed in the past century alone. 
The per-capita income for every nation on the planet has tripled. The human lifespan has doubled. The cost of food has dropped thirty-fold. The cost of transportation hundreds of fold. The cost of communications millions of fold.
The human lifespan is another way to contextualize progress: 
  • During the days of the caveman 100,000 years ago, the average lifespan was in the late 20's. By age 13, humans went into puberty and began having children; by 26, those parents became grandparents. And since food was scarce in those days, the best thing you could do was “give your bits back to the environment,” so to speak, and not consume food and other resources that would otherwise have gone to your grandchildren.
  • In the Middle Ages, the average human lifespan grew to 35.
  • A century ago, it was the mid-40’s.
  • Today, it's around 80.
One of my missions -- which I share with many of you -- is to discover how we can add 20, 30 or more healthy years to our lives. How do we make 100 years old the new 60, and then intercept exponentially growing technologies to extend the healthy human lifespan beyond that?

Exponential Technologies Driving Longevity

We take the technology and the empowerment we have today for granted.
I teach my Abundance community that whatever becomes digitized enters a period of slow, deceptive growth. Next, it becomes disruptive, and then it dematerializes, demonetizes, and democratizes products and services.
Consider storage, which is critical for the genomics world today. 
In 1981, 1 gigabyte of storage cost half a million dollars. Today, it's 25 million times cheaper at 2 cents per gigabyte.
How about computation? In 1971, Intel put out its first computer chip, the Intel 4004. It had 2,300 transistors on at $1 each.
Intel no longer actually tells you how many transistors are on their chips, but the recent Core i7 had 14.4 billion transistors at less than a millionth of a penny each.
This represents a 330 billion-fold increase in price performance in 45 years.
If you have a smartphone, you have more computational power in your hand than all the governments on the planet had just 30 years ago. 
But that doesn't compare to what's coming next in quantum computing. This year, we expect to see ‘quantum supremacy’ -- that moment in time where a quantum computer can solve a problem that no classical computer can do. 
Google recently unveiled Bristlecone. This new quantum computer chip has 72 qubits. By the time it gets to 300 qubits, it can perform more calculations than there are atoms in the known universe. 
We’re about to see an extraordinary revolution in drug discovery.
Pharmaceutical companies today are spending decades and billions of dollars to discover molecules that affect us. But soon, quantum computers will allow us to model molecular interactions at a level like never before. 
Imagine an individual working on a quantum computer on the cloud who is able to look at the interaction of a particular molecule with all 20,000 coded proteins in the human genome. Drug discovery will go off the charts. This isn’t happening 30 years from now, but in the next decade.
What about communications? We take it for granted, but in 2017, we had 3.8 billion people connected on Earth. In the next five years, we'll see the deployment of the 5G global network that Qualcomm has been developing.
We're about to see Facebook and Google with balloons and drones and satellites. OneWeb will deploy 900 satellites leveraging a $1.2 billion Softbank investment, and then layer on top of that 4,425 satellites being launched by SpaceX, and we're about to connect every single human on the planet with a gigabit connection speed.
A gigabit connection for everyone, effectively for free.
That connection represents a lifeline for health sciences. It’s an ability to upload data or enable AI support.
And it doesn't slow down. With the Internet of Things and a proliferation of sensors, by 2020 we'll have 50 billion connected devices with a trillion sensors in the world. By 2030, we’ll see 500 billion connected devices with 100 trillion sensors. 
In terms of health, every single person will have the ability for real-time monitoring. Every single element of their lives -- their glucose, their blood pressure, the microRNAs, their vitamin D levels -- can be uploaded to an AI that can convey their exact health status.
We'll all have a version of JARVIS from “Iron Man.” These personal AIs can collect our data and enable us to be the CEO of our own health.
The acceleration continues with genome sequencing. Back in 2000, the price of sequencing a human genome -- all 3.2 billion letters of your life -- was $100 million and 9 months' time. Today, it’s $1,000 per genome, and within two years, with Illumina's newest machines, it will cost about $100 and be completed in 1 hour. 
We're talking about trillionfold increases in price-performance capability, which is in turn driving a revolution in cellular medicine, stem cells, natural killer cells, CAR T-cells. It’s extraordinary.
I believe nothing is truly scarce. Nothing.
We have the ability, with access to these technologies, to say, “This is the problem I want to solve." 
We often talk about our desires and our abilities.
I posit that we're living in a time a day and age that within our lifetimes, we will truly have the ability to meet the needs of every man, woman and child on this planet. 
You may have heard me say, “The world's biggest problems are the world's biggest business opportunities,” and, “If you want to become a billionaire, help a billion people.”
What is the challenge you desire to solve? What is the impact you want to create?
I believe that each of us should be taking on what I call the Impact Pledge... to stand up and say, “During my lifetime, this is the problem that I want to solve. This is what I stand for.
It used to be that capital was restrictive. Today, we're living in a world of crowdfunding, angel capital, venture capital, and even startups being funded by sovereign wealth funds. But it doesn’t end there. In 2017, the world saw $3.8 billion in ICOs (initial coin offerings) -- an entirely new mechanism to generate investable capital.
And even that is accelerating, in the first four months of 2018 alone, there was $6.2 billion of ICOs. Capital is flowing to great ideas.
What is your great idea?
Each of us has what I call a Massively Transformative Purpose in our lives that motivates us to pursue the seemingly impossible.
What we do with our time matters.
What Moonshots we take on to change the world matters.
What impact do you want to make on this planet?
You have access to everything you need. More knowledge on Google or Baidu, more computational power on the cloud, more capital, more access to AI.
With this abundance, what else do you actually need?
Ultimately, it is the “dedicated, passionate human mind” that makes all the difference.
A mind with the audacity to think thoughts like...
I refuse to allow this disease to go on for a day longer.
I refuse to not have the ability to feed a billion people, or to save a billion women's lives.
We are alive in a time of great capabilities.
The choice is yours. 
Let’s create a world of healthcare abundance.
Let’s make disease a thing of the past.
Let’s make 100 years old the new 60, and then once we get there, we can debate how we get to 150 or even 200.

I "book-End" my thoughts with this:

  Onward to the new week with all its' possibilities!!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

"Out & About" w/Brief Thoughts....

Dariush The Great Prayer For Iran:  I ask you Almighty God to protect Iran from
Enemies, Drought/Hunger, lies & Deceit (A Prayer For the World) 

It has been quite a week on a multitude of fronts.     One critical thing I was so proud of was when I released an update from Radio Free Europe on two enterprising Iranians developing an updated version of Telegram--Telegram is the messaging app that is used by 40 Million Iranians which was ordered blocked by Iran's Judiciary--I can't wait to download it!!!    I was also proud of the five women who in Iran dressed up as Men to get in to watch the key Match for the National Football (Soccer) championship as captured by Tavanna last week as all who were at the Stadium cried out, "Reza Shah, Rohat Shaad..." which means Reza Shah, Rest in Peace: 

For those who may not know who he is, Reza Shah is known as the founder of Modern Iran with all that he did.    As I was working away, though, I thought about the choice and the legacy of purpose.   What I hope to be supportive of in the work of the Daily Outsider (as it evolves), the Community Projects & Initiatives to live up to the admonitions at hand: 

The three controlling desires of every normal man seem to be:
First, to live. Not merely to exist.
Second, to be a man among men.
Third, to do that which will endure.
- James Hulme Canfield

Lives of great men all remind us, we can make our lives sublime, 
and, departing, leave behind us, footprints on the sands of time.
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The way you get meaning into your life
is to devote yourself to loving others.
Devote yourself to your community around you,
and devote yourself to creating something
that gives you purpose and meaning.
- Mitch Albom