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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Random Thoughts: On a "Mid-Week" Prowl w/Reflections....

I can't help but be sorry for Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Sean Spicer and all the Cabinet Secretaries who seem to be constantly undermined by The President.    I guess that's why we're seeing "off camera" White House Press briefings--Our team used to feature the Daily Briefings over our @POTUS watch briefings but decided not to do as we felt it was useless. This is as the US Senate will continue to be in Washington to work through the maze of priorities that seem to be stalled.
This week has also been a week that the World celebrated World Population Day and as today was a day of action with a Battle for the Net led by what Farhad Mahjoo has called Some of the Frightful Eight--including Amazon and Facebook--to fight for Net Neutrality.   The team at the Daily Outsider joined it as we've featured it on our properties throughout the day.   The need to keep Internet Free and to preserve the First Amendment of the Digital Age is ever so critical than ever.

As I finish off these thoughts before "running off" , I can't help but underscore the need to be positive and engaging is ever so critical especially with the work I help with at all properties of the Daily Outsider every day.  The team underscored this with what we've worked on curating throughout the week as the on-going review is on-going.    I was so happy to see this from the Clinton Foundation that underscores that our lives are not about us in the final analysis:


Enough said....


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