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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

On Remembering & Being Ever So Blessed......

Earlier today while working away, I finished off these thoughts on my Facebook Wall as I reflected upon all that I am blessed with.    We must never forget all blessings during this brief time we have on this Earth.   

On a brief prowl before running as I Working Away as I contributed this momento in support of Donate a Photo being ever so thankful for all the blessings especially on the passing of my uncle Dr. Hormozi..grateful to all who've been gracious enough to share thoughts....a privilege to have known him as I look forward to joining the family tomorrow at his funeral service at Hollywood Cemetery (where my brother is also buried ...) to honor a life of service & purpose..as I ask the almighty to grant my Aunt Mimi, My Cousins James HormoziScherezade Yasmine Hormozi John Hormozi, Sherry et. al the solace to live on.... #jnj #donateaphoto...wishin' all a great rest of the wk..and a great w-end...

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